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3 Effective Ways To Retain Talented Employees

In 2021, the Great Resignation happened.

More than 80% of employees said that it was difficult to find good talent.

This demonstrates the importance of employers establishing a culture that fosters strong relationships with their employees — the kind that speak to a long-term commitment, and perhaps even a commitment for life.

Employees should, in fact, do everything they can to manage their Manpower supply Malaysia in a way that allows them to keep their best people. They know what your company stands for, how to get things done, and, most importantly, they know each other. Otherwise, head hunting for new employees, especially productive ones, takes time and money. It can also put a strain on existing employees who must take on extra work until those positions are filled.

How do you retain talented employees?

Read on to find out the most effective hiring process.

Offer competitive compensation benefits

Companies must provide competitive compensation to their employees. This can bind employees and encourage them to stay solely for the above-average pay and excellent benefits. You can also offer a specific retention bonus to encourage employees to stay with the company, which is one of the retention strategies. Employees are more likely to stay in their jobs if they are well compensated and engaged. Even if your company is unable to increase pay at this time, consider whether other forms of compensation, such as bonuses, could be provided. Don't forget to improve health-care benefits and retirement plans, both of which can help boost employee job satisfaction. Loyal employees want to be rewarded for staying with the company, rather than feeling as if all of the bonus pay goes to new hires. Always examine existing workers' pay to verify that it's fair, competitive, and equitable across his organisation, ensuring that each person is compensated for the function they're in rather than any unique personal characteristics.

Show respect and appreciation

Employees want to know that they are respected and valued for their efforts. Employees must believe that you have their back. Employee appreciation can sometimes be overlooked, but it is an essential component of any company's employee retention strategy. And, in today's "anywhere workforce," an employer's appreciation can have a particularly large impact. Your top talent is no exception. Many workplace legends are based on the heinous things that tired and stressed-out managers said or did. However, if managers make it a priority to show outward respect for employees on a consistent basis, it will result in a strong and enduring workplace culture, as well as positive experiences and memories that they will never forget.

This includes publicly recognising employees' accomplishments, celebrating birthdays, awarding bonuses, and providing positive reinforcement. Show your employees that you care, whether it's as simple as a handwritten card or as extravagant as a large bonus. So, thank your direct reports who go above and beyond and explain how their efforts benefit the organisation. Some businesses set up formal reward systems to incentivize great ideas and innovation, but even if you have a small team or a limited budget, you can implement compelling recognition programmes. People who frequently believe that their best work is ignored are twice as likely to quit within the next year. At the very least, you can make their decision more difficult. And if those employees leave your company knowing they were valued and supported, they're more likely to recommend your company and, who knows, maybe even come back to work for you one day. Remember that rewarding your employees for a job well done is an important part of ensuring a long-term retention strategy for employee engagement.

Provide flexibility

The pandemic demonstrated the viability of long-term remote work. Flexibility can be a significant motivator for your best employees to stay. According to one survey, one in every three professionals who work from home would look for a new job if they were required to return to the office full time. So, if permanent remote work isn't an option, consider what you can offer employees sooner rather than later. A shortened workweek? Flextime? Or how about a part-time telecommuting option? Is it really necessary for your employees to be in the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. five days a week? All of the above can help your team relieve stress — and increase employee retention.

By incorporating flexible work schedules and telecommuting, you may discover that your employees are more productive and satisfied, with less conflict between work time and personal obligations. Collaboration, messaging, and other solutions enable work to be done from anywhere, at any time. Although it began with the younger generation, it now benefits everyone. Organizations must recognise that this is now a requirement if they are to win the war for the best talent. Because as people gain job flexibility, they are refusing to return to the status quo. As businesses reopen after being forced to close due to the pandemic, many are preparing for the possibility that some of their employees will still want to work remotely, at least part-time. Remember, it's critical to spell out the policy and get it right the first time so there's no ambiguity, which can be done by manpower outsourcing. Employers in general will have to adopt that mindset if they want to retain their employees. In terms of recruitment and retention, increased flexibility for work hours and location of work helps increase employee satisfaction, which leads to retention, as well as increasing an employer's competitiveness and attraction to land top talent.


People may forget what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel, as the saying goes. Clearly, in order for employees to make a long-term commitment to an organisation, the employer must provide compelling reasons for them to stay. Given this, it is critical to prioritise the retention of your top employees. Some team members will inevitably leave your organisation sooner than you would like. As a result, it is critical to outsource manpower to a Manpower outsource company so that you do not face a labour shortage. Furthermore, you will receive the replacement or new candidate within a few days. There is no need to be concerned about developing a benefit scheme for the employee, which is one of the benefits of human resource outsourcing.

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