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Why Small Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing Manpower

Demands in human resources sometimes are too much for small organisations with few employees. If you feel overworked while overseeing crucial aspects of the company, you should think about getting help. Numerous human resource outsourcing services are created expressly for small enterprises in order to simplify operations, cut costs, and help organisations achieve their goals.

Any firm can be burdened by administrative duties, but small enterprises might be particularly burdened by managing human resources. The last thing you want to do when operating a small business is to focus your attention away from your primary business because you have limited time and resources. You may lessen your administrative effort and free up time to concentrate on your business goals by outsourcing human resources tasks.

In this article, you will discover how Xetron, a manpower outsource company can help you, as a small business owner. Besides, we will also compare the difference in needs between a small business and a high-value company.

What is the difference in needs between a small business and a high-value company?

A small business needs to focus on growth, not on administration.

Employees and business owners who are not human resource experts who attempt to perform essential human resource tasks can easily waste valuable time simply trying to understand regulations and paperwork requirements. Outsourcing human resources can free up time for strategic planning.

A small business needs to focus on smart spending.

Outsourcing human resource services can help businesses save money in a variety of ways. (In fact, according to a Deloitte outsourcing survey, nearly 80% of respondents said providers met their cost-centric expectations.) Outsourcing human resources can help businesses avoid the expense and risk of hiring a full-time human resource team while still ensuring compliance and proper employee support. Because outsourced human resource professionals have expertise and knowledge, they can assist you in obtaining the best deals on benefits, coverage, and other company-wide services and systems.

A small business needs to focus on their employees’ welfare.

Don't undervalue the "human" component of human resources. Professional human resource outsourcing ensures that employees receive the benefits, care, training, and support they require to feel valued. This is essential to retain top talent too.

How does Xetron provide manpower outsourcing service to a small business?

Recruitment services.

Xetron Solutions is a talent recruitment firm that focuses on the Asia Pacific market. We have 8 years of experience recruiting in the Information Technology (IT) and Finance sectors, which has given us unparalleled insight into recruitment plans and trends and a large pool of qualified candidates. With our ever-growing database of manpower supply in Malaysia (candidates and clients), as well as our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the markets, our recruitment team can match the right person with the right job. Our recruitment teams have the advantage of only focusing on specific countries and finding only the best candidates for roles in the following sectors: Information Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Finance & Accountancy, Sales & Marketing, Retail & FMCG, Human Resource & Administration and Temporary & Contract.

Manpower outsourcing.

Employers can shift potential or existing headcount to Xetron Solutions under a services agreement for a set period of time for a specific purpose, to the mutual benefit of all parties. A secondment job can be full-time, part-time, or a job sharing arrangement. We provide contract support for all aspects of human resource management and development. Providing skilled individuals to obtain and significantly increase your company's efficiency level, freeing up your in-house human resource professionals to focus on a strategic role in supporting organisational performance. Our services include discussing employment terms directly with contract staff, preparing all necessary employment contracts, handling all pension fund enrollments and withdrawals, handling payroll for employees, managing employees' annual, sick, and unpaid leave, managing monthly employee and employer contributions and making workers' compensation insurance available.

Payroll service.

Xetron has extensive experience with local, multi-country, and international payroll services. We streamline our clients' payroll processing tasks to eliminate delays and improve payroll consistency and accuracy. Our consultants are committed to adhering to statutory compliance requirements at all times and are constantly reviewing and improving our processes in order to better serve our clients. Our payroll service includes the following key features: Payroll data management for all employees, calculating Gross to Net, reporting to meet HR and finance requirements, banking solutions to streamline the funding to employee payment process, employee self-service via the web, such as e-payslips, e-leave, and e-expense claims, management reports and manager self-service solutions, processes for ensuring the separation of duties and maintaining statutory compliance.

IT outsourcing.

Xetron offers a wide range of computer hardware, network infrastructure, security content management, internet access, and data communication products and solutions that are specifically designed for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), MNCs, and enterprise-wide corporations with extensive networking needs. We provide IT support and consulting, as well as solutions specifically designed for your Business Application and IT infrastructure with extensive networking requirements. Among our services are the following: outsourcing of information technology, services for technical support and maintenance, solution for security, data and storage administration, services for project management and consulting, integration of systems, solution for disaster recovery, infrastructure administration, as well as computer hardware and accessories.

Helpdesk support.

The internal helpdesk workforce at Xetron is equipped to handle the demands of outsourcing business procedures. Every time a client logs a ticket, we offer call centre & software help to IT Retail & Banking clients. Call centre operators create tickets in the ticketing system, execute first level troubleshooting, or route to second level for software support troubleshooting.

Onsite support.

Our service is now available offline, with nationwide onsite support in the commercial, retail, and food and beverage industries. There is 24/7 onsite support for retail and F&B to meet agreed-upon SLAs. In addition to maintenance support, our team is responsible for new store rollout, software upgrades, store relocation setup, and preventive maintenance. We have a strong service delivery team to manage special projects, maintenance support, and engineers to ensure our services meet the expectations of our customers. BASF Asia Pacific also provides laptop/desktop support.



Nowadays, small businesses are turning to an alternative that entails outsourcing human resource management responsibilities to companies with prior experience in this area. These providers rely on human resource management professionals and provide a variety of support functions that relieve business owners of the burden of developing an area solely dedicated to this.

Small businesses might not be aware of the benefit of human resource outsourcing, but it enables enterprises with limited financial means to adopt cutting-edge technologies that would otherwise be too expensive to operate on their own. By outsourcing some of the tasks, businesses can profit from newer and more inventive human resource systems without having to invest in the technology themselves.

Depending on the degree of help you choose, outsourcing human resources could have a number of other advantages in addition to potential cost savings. A direct line to a committed human resource professional who is familiar with you and your company, support with human resource issues or situations, ongoing updates on local, state, and federal laws and regulatory changes, expertise in many important human resource and safety areas, cost-saving programmes that address high turnover and low employee morale (such as training, proper hiring strategies, employee assistance programmes, and so on), and increased product knowledge of human resource-related products and services are just a few of them.

Xetron's services are flexible and customizable, based on your company size and nature of the business. Click here now to get a quote



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