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Marble Surface

Assistant Manager – Plant Operation

Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia


MYR 5000 - MYR 8000

About the Role

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Manage all the plant logistic movement to storage tanks.

  2. Product output from all plant should meet the specification at all time. All quality problem need to be address immediately with the shift execs and supervisors of the departments.

  3. Cost control is the major focus on his daily production activities; all cost must meet budget targets.

  4. He is responsible to ensure that all raw material is sufficient in warehouse and store to avoid interruption in plant operation.

  5. Responsible to ensure that all quality process is at all time meeting the given product specification.

  6. Responsible to meet the production yield.

  7. Ensure that the oil loss in production is below then the budget figure.

  8. Responsible to control the overtime of his respective department below the given targets.

  9. All documents for Food Safety, ISO 9001, Halal, SOP and Customer audit has to be always comply to the standard. Also responsible to update all corrective action from the finding during the internal and external audit.

  10. It’s your responsibility to deliver and upgrade knowledge to the Supervisors and Operators to another level by giving cross training with in all process plant operation.

  11. To encourage, develop and work hands on with maintenances department to set a program to minimize downtime in all plants.

  12. Also to play a vital role in bring up the Safety Standard at your work place by giving training and  create        awareness with all level of employees.

  13. Responsible to train the Supervisor of all process plant and handle SAP system independently.

  14. Monitor daily operation and monthly stock movements, summary report to be ready before daily meeting.

  15. Introduce performance measurement for your down level on KRA measurement.

  16. Responsible to train your supervisor and operator on avoiding contamination during product switch over in plant and output tanks.

  17. Responsible to keep close watch on permit system, like Confine Space, Chemical, Hotwork, Lock Out and General work permit and etc.

  18. All emergency breakdown of plant need to be follow up with immediate corrective action, breakdown that cannot be resolve with in 3hours need to be discuss with his superior for next level of action..

  19. Ensure that all waste such as Effluents waste, Air Pollution via boiler, spent nickel, lubricants oil are being discharge from the facility is at all time meets the government regulations standards.

  20. To ensure plant cleanliness is well maintain at all time.

Extra Responsibility

1. To ensure all stock owners update the oil movement of their department in SAP by the given stipulated time and present in our daily meeting.

2.  Work closely with all department such as Production, Blender, Packing, Operation department including Finances to close monthly stock movements with zero loss.

3. All Variances in stock movement need to be identify the root cause or probable cause and address with action plan to eliminate once for all.

4.  Control the overtime of our employees, in house contractors, manage the working hours of our employees, all absenteeism of employees, MC, coming in late hours to work and etc.

5. All Safety matter in shift need to be discuss with Factory manager, Plant Manager and Safety Manager.

6. Responsible to sign all permit after office hours / week ends and public holidays.

Skills & Experience

1. Need to attend training on Leadership Skill

2. Need to attend Problem Solving and Decision Making Skill.

3. Need to attend Preventive Maintenance Skill.

4. Good interpersonal and communication skills in dealing with all levels of management and operational employees.

5. Good leadership and is able to lead all the department

6. A self-starter and is able to work as a team and also work independently


  1. Degree in Engineering or its equivalent with minimum 7 years of working experience in vegetable oils & fats industry.

  2. Experience must be in the same industry as vegetable oils & fats industry

Reporting To Plant Manager

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