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Head of Business Warehouse & Business Analysis

Sunway GEO Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


MYR 13,500

About the Role

Job Overview

The Head of Data Warehouse and Business Analysis is a senior leadership role responsible for overseeing and managing the organization's data warehouse infrastructure and leading the business analysis function. This position plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient data management and utilization to support data-driven decision-making, business insights, and strategic planning.

Responsibilities and Duties

▪ Data Warehouse Management: Lead the design and development of the data warehouse architecture, including data modeling, ETL processes, and data integration strategies.

▪ Data Governance: Establish and enforce data governance policies and procedures to maintain data quality, security, and compliance with data regulations.

▪ Data Analytics Strategy: Collaborate with business stakeholders to define data analytics requirements and develop strategies for business intelligence and data-driven insights.

▪ Business Analysis: Oversee the business analysis function, working closely with business teams to elicit, analyze, and document business requirements for data and analytics projects.

▪ Team Leadership: Manage and mentor the data warehouse and business analysis teams, fostering a collaborative and high-performance work environment.

▪ Data Security and Privacy: Ensure data security and privacy measures are implemented to protect sensitive information and comply with data protection regulations.

▪ Technology Evaluation: Stay abreast of emerging data warehouse technologies and analytics tools, evaluating their potential benefits for the organization.

▪ Performance Optimization: Monitor and optimize data warehouse performance to ensure efficient data processing and quick access to critical business insights.

▪ Stakeholder Management: Collaborate with key stakeholders, including executives, department heads, and IT teams, to align data warehouse and analytics initiatives with business objectives.

▪ Reporting and Visualization: Drive the development of effective data visualizations and reporting tools to enhance data accessibility and decision-making.

▪ Budget Management: Manage the budget for data warehouse infrastructure, analytics tools, and business analysis initiatives.

▪ Continuous Improvement: Continuously assess and improve data warehouse and business analysis processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


▪ Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Business, or a related field. Advanced degrees and relevant certifications are advantageous.

▪ Proven experience in data warehouse management and business analysis, with a track record of successful data-driven projects.

▪ In-depth knowledge of data warehousing concepts, ETL processes, and data integration techniques.

▪ Strong understanding of data governance, data security, and data privacy practices.

▪ Expertise in business analysis methodologies and tools.

▪ Leadership and team management skills, with the ability to lead and inspire teams to achieve strategic goals.

▪ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with stakeholders at all levels.

▪ Analytical mindset with the ability to translate business needs into technical solutions.

▪ Familiarity with data visualization tools and business intelligence platforms.

▪ Experience with data analytics, data mining, and statistical analysis is beneficial.

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