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Should I use a staffing agency to find a job? - Quick QnA

Let’s face it. No one likes making job applications, but it is a process where everyone has to go through in life. Do you know that you can apply for a job through head hunting companies? Many might think that agencies will deduct part of your salary for using the service, and the lack of transparency during the recruiting process within head hunting agencies. In this article, we will debunk the myths surrounding manpower outsourcing services and show you the reasons why it is the best solution, when it comes to job hunting for the job vacancies available.

Applying to your dream job directly vs. through a manpower outsourcing company. What are the differences?

On your own

Through a manpower outsourcing company


More effort needed. Time consuming.

Get help for free. No hidden cost.


You are on your own. No feedback provided.

Interview and presentation tips provided to ensure your success in landing your job.


You will need to search on your own.

Keep you updated with potential jobs, by matching them to your profile.

Rate of success

Low, because your skill set might be different from the job recruiter’s demand.

High, because we are able to sell your background and personality traits to a job recruiter.


Waste lots of time because you need to tailor your cover letters and resumes to each company.

Save lots of time because we will job hunt for you and customise your cover letters and resumes.


By now, you would have understood the differences between applying for a job on your own as compared to through a manpower outsourcing company. Finally, at Xetron, we will give you objective feedback and advice, even if it means putting our commission on the line. For instance, if the organisation or team you're looking for has a negative reputation, we will inform you. If the offer is below your salary expectations, we will notify you right away rather than wasting your time, even if it means you won't apply for the position. Xetron will be the difference between you getting the job and never hearing back from HR.

Visit this website now to discover the jobs available in Malaysia and make online job applications easily.



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