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The most effective technique for a bank to attract and recruit the right personnel

Before a bank can start talent recruitment for the banking sector, it must first define what it and the community can offer and figure out the best way to market itself to potential candidates. This frequently necessitates tailoring its marketing strategy to the specific type of person it is attempting to attract. A bank must have a firm grasp on its current and future plans, as well as the qualifications required for a candidate to know how to manage a bank branch successfully.

In this article, you will learn

the selection interview process, issues during the interview and the advantages of human resource outsourcing.

The recruitment interview process

Before meeting candidates in person, you should determine exactly what you're looking for in a new position so that you can ask the appropriate questions during the interview. Begin by compiling a list of required attributes for the job. Seek inspiration and guidance from your best people. What characteristics do they all share? How inventive are they? What did they accomplish prior to joining your company? What were their responsibilities? These responses will aid in the development of the criteria and the formulation of related questions.

Next, take precautions to lower the candidate’s stress levels. Inform people ahead of time about the topics you intend to discuss so that they can prepare. Prepare to meet the individual at a time that is convenient for them. Also, describe your institution's dress code. Your objective is to make them feel at ease so that you can have a productive and professional conversation.

Allow for two hours for the initial interview. This period of time allows you to really gauge the person's skills and potential. Look for signs of curiosity, insight, commitment, and determination in the candidate. Assume that person is promoted and will one day be a manager. The question then becomes, not only can this person do the job now, but can they do it a year from now, when the world has changed? Inquire about how candidates learned and what they think about the direction your industry is taking.

Issues encountered during the interview process as a branch manager

Lack of consistency

We're only human, and even minor factors, such as scheduling interviews at different times of day or walking into a room in a bad mood, can have an impact on our judgement. Consistency, on the other hand, is critical to a successful and robust interview process. You don't want to lose a great candidate because you were distracted, tired, or in a bad mood while interviewing them.


People have prejudice; it is an unfortunate, but natural aspect of our nature.

We tend to find common traits and interests in candidates, which can lead to bias in the hiring process.

Interview fatigue

This is a real issue that can derail your interviews. Assume you've set aside an entire day for candidate interviews. Can you honestly say that the final candidate will receive the same amount of attention as the first? This is a real flaw in many interview processes, and it may cause you to dismiss potentially excellent candidates.

How these issues can be resolved through manpower outsourcing

Many businesses prefer to outsource human resource services, owing to the need for expert and high-quality services, which are frequently available from third-party vendors. It is important to note that cost efficiency is a driving factor why firms choose to outsource, and thus, one can argue that, in a competitive market, low cost effectiveness can be a major factor in choosing a vendor from those available offering almost similar functions but at a different cost.

Similarly, manpower outsourcing allows the bank to focus on its core functions by allowing the bank to continuously outsource some functions it deems necessary but not very important in the operation of the bank, which arguably allows manager(s) to focus on offering better services on core functions rather than concentrating on minor sectors of the issues that may be required but are not critical to the smooth running of the bank. Human resource outsourcing is important to emphasise because it allows businesses to direct their resources where they are most needed while efficiently utilising the services obtained from human resource providers.

In terms of costs, given the growing competition in the banking industry, banks must provide better and more competitive services and innovations, which can only be provided by professionals. It is also important to note that developing such expertise and skills internally takes time and resources, whereas obtaining such services from an external provider is generally less expensive. This practice provides a quick fix when there is a need to exchange currency within the department, but it takes time and money to have and train in-house staff for those employees. Some functions will require a big budget to begin, but their functionalities can be obtained easily and at a low cost due to the abundance of service providers.

What is outsourcing in human resource management?

Manpower outsourcing is the process by which management determines how an organisation should move and grow. This is accomplished through planning and development, which enables management to have the right types of employees in the right number in the right place at the right time. Having the right manpower will help the organisation achieve its goals while also benefiting individual employees to the greatest extent possible. Human resources that are qualified and capable are the backbone of any organisation. They account for a significant portion of a company's costs in service industries.

What happens if you hire someone who isn't the best fit for the job?

You'll have to waste time worrying about whether the employee is doing the job correctly the first time. Employees who are unable to take ownership of their work and their position within your company will not only stifle your company's growth, but will also destabilise and stunt it at all levels. You may be tempted to "trust your gut" when selecting a candidate, but a bad hire can leave you scrambling to replace someone you hired on a "hunch," which means spending more money. When it comes to squandered payroll and lost sales, you could be losing up to 30% of the annual salary for the position you're trying to fill. Bringing in strong team players will help to shape your company's culture, while bringing in the wrong person will disrupt the problem-solving process. Furthermore, replacing a bad hire soon after they start working for you can make existing team members feel unsettled, resulting in lower productivity levels.

At Xetron, we promise to

  • meet your specific head hunting needs economically

  • provide qualified and capable IT resources

  • provide skilled labour

  • assist in recruitment efforts

  • collaborate closely with others to provide the best solutions for your manpower needs.

  • provide experienced professionals who screen candidates to select the best in the industry

  • focus on critical factors such as formal training, skills, experience, and culture that are required to place the right people in the right places.


By partnering with Xetron's experienced team, we have the skills, capabilities, and flexibility of the most effective hiring process to deliver on your specific needs and an agreed-upon plan and structure for recruitment for the banking industry. As a strategic manpower outsourcing company in Malaysia, we

  • handle all HR-related issues, such as payrolls and recruitment

  • screen candidates and select the best quality profiles based on industry requirements

  • will provide a replacement, if employees resign or engage in inappropriate behaviour

  • are adaptable and always willing to talk in order to meet the needs of both parties

Don’t worry, in comparison to others, we charge a lower administrative fee, which is reasonable. Request a quote on our website today and leave your contact information, and we will keep in touch.



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