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What is offshore business process outsourcing? & Why you care?

A manpower outsource company that provides BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services is a third-party vendor or agency to which you can outsource business processes. With specialised skill sets and advanced technologies, it will benefit your company's operations.

why care about the offshore BPO - xetron solution - manpower outsourcing company

An offshore BPO is the outsourcing of your company's operations to a foreign outsourcing service provider. Human resource management, information technology, customer service, and administrative services are all commonly outsourced processes. The BPO company is an expert in the skills required to carry out specific operations.

Offshore outsourcing occurs when a company hires a third-party supplier to run some of its operations from a different country (usually overseas).

Companies are encouraged to outsource offshore because of available resources, political structure and stability, lower labour costs, tax breaks, and other factors. While many businesses require outsourcing services, offshore outsourcing appears to be the most advantageous and appropriate option for businesses that do not require all operations to be completed in the same time zone.

What are the types of services provided in offshore business process outsourcing?

1. Customer service/support

Customer support business process outsourcing firms handle emails, social media, live chat support, mobile support, responding to emails, managing queries, transitioning customers to a new product or service, managing customer accounts and call centre setup. Call centres include both inbound and outbound calls. Outbound call centres enable you to contact potential customers, which can result in lead generation. However, you must be available at your clients' convenience. When you outsource these services around the world, you'll have an expert team available around the clock to meet the needs of your customers. And, of course, satisfied customers are always good for business. Furthermore, you can save money on hiring, training, and equipment purchases. Strong customer relationships are critical to the success of any business. Many businesses use offshore BPO solutions to improve customer service.

helpdesk solutions from xetron soutions - manpower outsourcing company

Xetron provides helpdesk support. The internal helpdesk workforce at Xetron is equipped to handle the demands of outsourcing business procedures. Every time a client logs a ticket, we offer call centre & software help to IT Retail & Banking clients. Call centre operators create tickets in the ticketing system, execute first level troubleshooting, or route to second level for software support troubleshooting.

2. Finance

Bank reconciliation, payable and receivable accounts, bookkeeping, tax planning, returns, and other services are provided by a finance and accounting BPO provider. They always strive to deliver the best by adding value to your business as specialists in their field. They can, for example, automate your business functions by implementing technological solutions such as cloud-based finance. It has the potential to make your operations more agile, automated, and efficient, redefining the very structure of your company. They also provide financial insights, forecasting, investment management, budgeting, and other services. These services cover all of a company's financial functions, such as managing payable and receivable accounts, bank reconciliation, tax planning, bookkeeping, returns, and more. Offshore firms that specialise in these services can automate business functions by implementing technological processes such as cloud-based finance solutions.

Xetron has extensive experience with local, multi-country, and international payroll services. We streamline our clients' payroll processing tasks to eliminate delays and improve payroll consistency and accuracy. Our consultants are committed to adhering to statutory compliance requirements at all times and are constantly reviewing and improving our processes in order to better serve our clients. Our payroll service includes the following key features: Payroll data management for all employees, calculating Gross to Net, reporting to meet HR and finance requirements, banking solutions to streamline the funding to employee payment process, employee self-service via the web, such as e-payslips, e-leave, and e-expense claims, management reports and self-service manager solutions, processes for ensuring the separation of duties and maintaining statutory compliance.

3. Human resource

HR department outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses can use offshore bpo companies to help them with the entire process, from sourcing candidates and conducting interviews to shortlisting applicants and managing and resolving payroll issues. They can assist in streamlining the entire hiring procedure. Furthermore, BPO firms can train new hires to help them integrate more quickly.

Employers can shift potential or existing headcount to Xetron Solutions under a services agreement for a set period of time for a specific purpose, to the mutual benefit of all parties. A secondment job can be full-time, part-time, or a job sharing arrangement. We provide contract support for all aspects of human resource management and development. Providing skilled individuals to obtain and significantly increase your company's efficiency level, freeing up your in-house HR professionals to focus on a strategic role in supporting organisational performance. Our services include discussing employment terms directly with contract staff, preparing all necessary employment contracts, handling all pension fund enrollments and withdrawals, handling payroll for employees, managing employees' annual, sick, and unpaid leave, managing monthly employee and employer contributions and making workers' compensation insurance available.

4. IT services

Software development is a fascinating but often difficult process. Many businesses require custom software to improve their business functions but lack the resources to successfully manage software and IT development service functions. BPO firms that specialise in outstaffing development service solutions have access to offshore developers who can help with the following processes: analysis and planning, design and prototyping, development and implementation, testing, and deployment. Businesses understand that a software project necessitates the involvement of several engineers, if not an entire team. Then they consider the cost of hiring skilled in-house developers, which is almost certainly not the best option.

IT outsourcing solutions - xetron solutions - IT business process outsourcing company

Xetron offers a wide range of computer hardware, network infrastructure, security content management, internet access, and data communication products and solutions that are specifically designed for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), MNCs, and enterprise-wide corporations with extensive networking needs. We provide IT support and consulting, as well as solutions specifically designed for your Business Application and IT infrastructure with extensive networking requirements. Among our services are the following: outsourcing of information technology, services for technical support and maintenance, solution for security, data and storage administration, services for project management and consulting, integration of systems, solution for disaster recovery, infrastructure administration, as well as computer hardware and accessories.



We are not your typical offshore outsourcing firm at Xetron Solutions. As the recipient of the Malaysia Outstanding Business Award, we assist you in leveraging our international resources and establishing your own offshore team. Xetron Solutions is an offshore outsourcing provider that provides outstanding customer service, manpower outsourcing, payroll service, information technology outsourcing, help desk support, and onsite support. When you use Xetron Solutions as your offshore outsourcing partner, your company will work smarter and more efficiently.

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