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You shall never try to hire a winning team by yourself. Here is why.

To build a winning team requires lots of effort. Here are some reasons why the hiring process and talent sourcing are both tiring and troublesome, without outsource human resource management.

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What are the challenges in the hiring process?

a) Costly

Hiring a full-time trained HR expert can cost between RM70,000 and RM120,000 per year – excluding bonuses, taxes, working space, HR resources, and training. These extra expenditures could make a company become less competitive and less profitable, which will decrease productivity in the long run.

b) Stressful

Without manpower outsourcing, companies may not have access to skilled consultants who have first-hand expertise providing HR services in a range of sectors. Business owners like you will not be prepared when it comes to policy and legislation changes that might influence your workplace, which might have serious repercussions.

c) Inconsistency

Without professional help, documentation of all HR procedures might not be comprehensive, which prevents other team members from stepping in and providing help when needed. It is risky for companies to have only a single individual, instead of a winning team, having the keys to their unique responsibilities and tasks.

d) Limited resources

Without outsourcing manpower, there will be limited support services and onsite schedules to meet the needs of each company. This reduces freedom, especially during handling of perks, employee engagement, training and counselling, or interviewing people (candidate sourcing services).

e) Risky

Keeping up with various requirements to stay compliant can be very difficult for smaller businesses, especially when existing standards are constantly evolving and new regulations are being imposed on a regular basis. Non-compliance due to lack of ability to keep up can have serious financial consequences. Your employees are not protected when you do not comply with regulatory standards.

How can Xetron Solutions simplify the headcount outsourcing process and still be effective?

Despite the challenges stated above, there is a solution for you. At Xetron Solutions, we are here to make things easier and give you peace of mind when running your business. The steps are as follows.

To the mutual advantage of both parties, employers can use manpower outsourcing agencies to relocate the employment of potential or current workforce under an agreement signed for a specified length of time. Some services include discussing terms of employment, preparing all necessary employment contracts directly with contract staff handling all pension fund enrollments, administering employees annual, sick and unpaid leave and providing workers compensation insurance.

Thanks to the ever-growing database of applicants and clients, as well as the extensive industry expertise, candidate sourcing service recruiting teams can carry out head hunting the right person to the appropriate opportunity. The recruiting teams exclusively work in particular countries and are specialised in talent sourcing just the best applicants for positions in the following industries, such as Information Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Finance & Accountancy, Sales & Marketing, Retail & FMCG, HR & Administration, Temporary & Contract.

Numerous factors go into payroll administration, such as being informed of legal changes, maintaining appropriate contingency plans, and managing time constraints in an ever-changing environment. In order to eliminate disruptions and ensure uniformity and precision in the payroll process, manpower agencies simplify their customers' payroll processing tasks. In order to best satisfy their customers, consulting teams are always reviewing and improving their procedures.

recruitment outsourcing services. - xetron solutions - easier way to build a winning team


Building a winning team is important as team members will have a tendency to be forward-thinking, passionate, and keen to push the boundaries and not be content with the status quo. Where do you find employees with the above mentioned mindsets? The best way is through outsourcing headcount to us. As you can clearly see by now, manpower outsourcing saves cost, saves time and gets the right team members to achieve your business goals. At Xetron Solutions, we offer the best manpower outsourcing services. We help u to manage everything, payroll, HR, recruit, staff benefit and more.

Visit us now to get a quote and build your winning team straight away.



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