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Manpower outsourcing? Contracted staff? Which is better?

Ask any business owner out there and many would not be able to tell you the differences between manpower outsourcing and contracted staff. They are normally confused with outsourcing and subcontracting. Read on to find out more so that you are choosing the best plan to make your hiring easier as a business owner.

is manpower outsourcing better than contracted staff? - xetron solutions

Manpower outsourcing is mostly a business approach in which a third-party provider is now carrying out in-house work (including a project, specific operations or a whole business unit). The outsourcing business and seller collaborate closely over the entire project, and the one party controls the work in a suitable way. It is also a manpower outsourcing agreement that a corporation enters into with another corporation in order to obtain some type of service from the other corporation. It is usually done in order to save money.

What is contracted staff?

A contract is a kind of commitment to the path of action. It is a legally enforceable contractual agreement. There are two or more parties between them. The most significant component of a contract is the terms and conditions understood by the contracting parties. The changes may also be made to reach the acceptable agreement recognised by all the contracting parties.

What is the difference between manpower outsourcing and contracted staff?

table of comparison between contracted staff and manpower outsourcing - xetron solutions

Manpower outsourcing requires a direct chain of command between the hiring company and the service provider. All the discussions and talks take place between the two parties to ensure a mutual profit. In contrast, hiring via contract involves an indirect chain of command in which the hiring company has direct communication with the contractor then the contractor can pass on the duty to the contracted staff.

Furthermore, manpower outsourcing helps corporations to cut expenses by performing the same job for less money which enables firms to concentrate on key areas. Compare to the hiring company, a manpower outsourcing company is able to provide higher quality products and services as it has direct oversight on the quality of the work. It also gives flexible employment as companies may ramp up and down resources quickly and easily.

On the other hand, there is only minimal and restricted commitment when you recruit contracted staff because they only work for a certain number of months, and their association with your organisation ends at the conclusion of the contract. There is also no direct oversight on the quality of the work of contract workers, which will impair the project quality.

Thus, manpower outsourcing is better than contracted staff.

outsourcing headcount to Xetron Solutions - manpower outsourcing solutions

Why should you choose Xetron Solutions for manpower outsourcing services?

If you are looking for a reliable partner whose expertise and competencies to leverage your outsourcing strategy, then Xetron is the best choice for your business. Xetron Solutions provides two kinds of outsourcing, which are IT and headcount.

Xetron Solutions enable employers shifting the employment of potential or existing headcount to Xetron Solutions under a services agreement for a defined period of time for a specific purpose, to the mutual benefit of all parties. A secondment job can be full-time, part-time or job share. We are responsible for the following services, such as discussing terms of employment, preparing all necessary employment contracts directly with contract staff, handling all pension fund enrolments and terminations, handling employee’s payroll, administering employees annual, sick and unpaid leave, as well as providing workers compensation insurance.

By outsourcing payroll, it helps your company become better and more organised. The payroll is packed with complexity and demands a great deal of attention to detail. Without this burden, you can direct your employees’ focus on strategic business drivers that grow your company. At Xetron Solutions, we manage the administrative and compliance functions of paying employees, such as operating payroll and calculating employees’ salaries, depositing funds directly to employees, calculating payroll taxes, filing necessary government reports, administering employee benefits, and withholding pension contributions. Business owners are relieved of unneeded stress by outsourcing their payroll to Xetron, saving time and most important of all, it is extremely cost-effective.



By now, you will have a clear idea of the features of manpower outsourcing and contracted staff, along with the benefits of manpower outsourcing. If you want to keep payrolls, operating expenses, and overhead low, then manpower outsourcing is the most cost-efficient solution. At Xetron Solutions, we offer the best manpower outsourcing service.


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