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How to get a programming job? Do this now and get hired!

As Malaysia and the entire world grapple with the long-term effects of the Covid19 pandemic, the importance of digitization for the survival of businesses is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of job vacancies available, especially entry level computer programmer jobs in Malaysia, have increased enormously between June 2020 and April 2021. Analytical skills, web development, multiple programming languages ​​and cloud-based services are among the most in-demand skills in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, according to data from the LinkedIn Talent Insights (LTI) platform. Thus, the future is bright for programmers and programming graduates.

Now, you are ready for that dream programming job. You have done the programmer job search. But, how do you get a job as a computer programmer? Should you apply on your own, or through a headhunting company? Let’s discover more.

Let’s say a company is currently hiring computer programmers and you are interested in applying. By applying on your own, it is more time consuming as more effort is needed to prepare the entire job application. Through a candidate sourcing service, you can get help for free, with no hidden cost. You do not have to spend to be assessed for positions at head hunting agencies because the recruiting company (rather than the job seeker) is the customer.

Besides, the job requirements for an analyst programmer (Java) are different as compared to a software engineer. By applying on your own, you will need to search for information and prepare for the job application on your own, with no personalised feedback provided. Nonetheless, with the help of a manpower outsourcing company, you are provided with interview and presentation tips to ensure your success in landing your job. This kind of free feedback is priceless. You will also be kept updated with potential jobs, by matching them to your profile. When you sign the manpower outsourcing agreement, the manpower outsourcing company will ask you about your talents and background and let you know whether there is a job that would be a suitable fit for you. You can also look for work on their official employment board. Frequently, they are aware of employment vacancies that are not advertised on other job sites. It is a fantastic technique to seek assistance in identifying employment opportunities.

In addition, if you apply on your own to a company to be a senior software engineer, the rate of success to land the job is low because your skill set might be different from the job recruiter’s demand. However, with a manpower outsourcing company, you have a much higher chance as we are able to sell your background and personality traits to a job recruiter. This in turn saves lots of time because we will job hunt for you and customise your cover letters and resumes, instead of you tailoring your cover letters and resumes to each company you plan to apply for.


Landing your dream job as a programmer is not difficult, only if you choose a manpower outsourcing company to assist you in the job application process. At Xetron, we currently have many IT related jobs. Visit now and begin your online job application. Xetron will be the difference between you getting the programmer job and never hearing back from HR.



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