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How might human resource outsourcing assist your company during and after a pandemic?

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, so does its impact on company operations. Human resources is one of the areas of business that it has an impact on. Human Resource (HR) professionals are busier than ever as organisations alter priorities, employees need time off, and others return from furloughs. Investing in HR outsourcing can help ease some of their stress and allow them to focus on strategic organisational concerns, through the most effective hiring process.

What is human resource outsourcing?

HR outsourcing refers to the agreement between an employer and a third-party talent service provider. A HR consulting firm will assist the company with a specific project, for example compensation survey, manual update, or policy and procedure review. They could also offer a more general service, for instance HRIS system implementation or configuring the entire HR function. Outsourcing some or all of the HR functions frees up time and resources, allowing business and HR leaders to concentrate on strategic initiatives, which are all the benefits of human resource outsourcing. Consider whether you require a full-time employee, project support, or part-time assistance when outsourcing HR. This should be influenced by your organisation's budget, size, and strategic goals.

In this article, you will learn about the advantages of workforce outsourcing services for your business during and after a pandemic.


One obvious way HR outsourcing saves money is by eliminating the need for an HR department and all of the costs associated with HR personnel. When HR is outsourced, the costs of recruiting, onboarding, training, benefits, and salaries associated with an HR staff are eliminated, resulting in significant savings.

Savings are also gained due to the absence of an HR department, which necessitates fewer workplace areas and equipment. Economists anticipate a significant decrease in the amount of office space rented in the future, as most organisations opt for a hybrid return-to-paintings approach. According to a recent survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, 51% believe they will require "a piece much less workplace area than we had in 2019," while 22% believe they will require "loads much less workplace area than we had in 2019." Only 7% believed they'd require more work space in the future. With plans to reduce workplace space already in place, the time may be ripe to reduce space even further through the use of HR outsourcing.

One of the advantages of human resource outsourcing is that companies no longer need to be concerned about fines and consequences for non-compliance because compliance control is now outsourced to a knowledgeable and skilled group of HR experts. The pandemic has necessitated numerous layoffs and terminations. Fortunately, as the financial system improves, organisations are increasing their efforts to fill open positions with qualified candidates. Competition for top-notch abilities is fierce, and outsourcing the recruiting function provides groups with entry to in-demand talent pools while saving money when compared to the use of an in-house recruiter or a more traditional staffing agency. Reputable HR outsourcing businesses have access to headhunting talent pools all over the world and aren't restricted by geography or other constraints. Outsourcing hiring saves time and money, both of which are valuable assets.


Payroll processing necessitates a great deal of caution. One must pay close attention to every aspect. As a result, when payroll processing is done in-house, you'll need a lot of resources and people. As a result, there is a loss of production and time. By outsourcing payroll processing, you may swiftly restore your company's lost productivity. By employing tax advisors, you may free up a lot of time to focus on other critical business duties. As a result, corporate productivity, performance, and profitability may improve. When your employees are involved in the event planning and administration process, it affects their ability to focus on their specialised work. As a result, productivity suffers. Your employees, on the other hand, can concentrate on their work if you hire an outsourcing recruitment agency. By outsourcing research, you save time for both you and your employees. You will also be relieved of the tension that comes with conducting research and analysing the results.

Reduced stress equals increased productivity for you and your team, because stress has an inverse link with productivity. Some corporate operations can be outsourced, which can help you boost your workforce's productivity. This occurs because outsourcing specific tasks that are not part of your organisation's core operations allows your staff to focus on their areas of expertise.

Flexibility in assembling workforce for a short-term rise in job scope/headcount required

Companies that use head hunting companies normally hire temporary employees. Instead of hiring full-time employees, human resources and other departments are using dispatched workers to meet changing business and operational challenges. Contractors, independent freelancers, gig workers, and agency-provided workers are examples of temporary employees who are employed temporarily by the company.

Developing an agile HR strategy today provides your company with the resilience it requires to meet tomorrow's challenges without the time, effort, or expense of hiring new employees. You now have access to more capable professionals and diverse skills than ever before in history, thanks to the pay-as-you-go economy and the flexibility provided by remote working. You may also benefit from agency personnel, each of whom has their own set of advantages and objectives.

Outsourcing human resource management enables businesses or departments with cyclical needs to obtain additional resources as needed. When things have calmed down, you can reduce the need for an outsourcing firm and keep the company flexible. Some operations have extremely high overhead, but we encourage you to maintain them in order to please your customers, expand your business model, or compete in the market. Outsourcing is a good option if the cost of expanding to handle these operations yourself is prohibitively expensive, or if your business model is becoming inefficient.

Why do you need to outsource manpower?

For decades, HR has assisted businesses in filling labour shortages and developing relationships with successful full-time employees. Today's workforce agencies have evolved to meet today's business needs by providing critical features such as connecting companies with top talent and conducting quick and efficient employee interviews and assessments for the benefit of organisations looking for employees.

At Xetron, we build close communities of motivated and talented people by optimising best recruiting practises, which assist you in successfully planning your workforce, such as reducing staff or finding new employees to deal with new business ventures.

As economic uncertainty places new demands on businesses and workers, the value of Xetron as a manpower outsourcing company in Malaysia will surely grow.


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