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What do you need to do when deciding to shift your career?

Are you looking for a new job? Before making a decision, it is critical to assess your current situation, investigate career options, determine whether your current career needs to be revamped, and select a career that will be more fulfilling for you.

xetron solutions - what to do when deciding to shift your career - advice from manpower outsourcing company

This article will teach you how to change careers and how Xetron, which is a manpower outsource company, can assist you in achieving your career shift objectives.

Do you have the right skillset to move forward and shape a career if you know exactly what you want to do?

Look for ways to develop new skills in your current job that will help you get a better job, such as offering to write a grant proposal if grant writing is valued in your new field. Sign up for as many classes as your company offers if it provides in-house training. There are ways to position yourself for a career change without returning to school. For example, suppose you've decided to work as a freelance web developer. Can you programme? Do you need to hone your skills before embarking on a career? Perhaps you should first take a web development course and build a portfolio before making it your full-time job. There are numerous online and offline courses available. And because technology is hot right now, you won't run out of job opportunities anytime soon. In fact, Xetron has experience recruiting in the Information Technology (IT) sector, which will give you an advantage when you shift careers.

xetron solutions - build a new skills and get a support network for career shift - manpower outsourcing company

Begin establishing a support network while still working your day job. Learn everything you can and reach out to personal contacts in those fields for informational interviews.

Your college alumni career network is a good source of contacts for informational interviewers. LinkedIn is another excellent resource for connecting with people in specific career fields of interest. Bounce ideas off coworkers, tell them about projects you're working on, and get as much feedback as you can about your strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus your efforts in the coming months. Any kind of contact is valuable, so use these people for the people they know. Attend every work function and event because you will only meet more people who may become employers or clients in the future. Gather email addresses and business cards to spread your name. You may want to leave as soon as possible, but submitting your resignation letter too soon could be your biggest mistake. If you are considering going freelance, your colleagues, employer, and clients are the most important links to your future work, and they may hold the key to future jobs with other companies.

Examine your interests, values, and abilities.

xetron solutions - recheck your interest and abilities before shift career - advice from headhunting company

Examine previous roles, volunteer work, projects, and jobs to determine preferred activities and skills. Determine whether your current job addresses your core values and skills. There are free online tools available to help you evaluate career options. Consider when you first started in your current position. What were your driving forces? Was it the day-to-day obligations? The promise of professional advancement? Then, examine the aspects of your job that you still enjoy and try to figure out why. Is it the creative aspect of your job? What is strategic thinking? Crunching numbers? Do you enjoy constant change...or do you prefer stability? Keep these themes in mind as you look for your next job. You'll have a better understanding of areas to seek out or avoid in your next career move if you assess your current likes and dislikes.


If you aren't considering a career change right now, you will be someday. When that day arrives, we hope you approach it with curiosity, conviction, and commitment. Career shifts are difficult, but they can also serve as catalysts for shaping a future self that you will be proud of.

With Xetron, you can also gain insight into hiring requirements that are not listed or obvious in job advertisements, preparing you for your interview with a prospective employer and increasing your chances of being hired.

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