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When should you shift your career?

People change careers for a variety of reasons. Your career goals or values may have shifted; you may have discovered new interests that you want to incorporate into your job, you may want to make more money, or you may want to work more flexible hours, to name a few.

xetron solutions - when and how to shift my career

Are you looking for a new job? Before making a decision, it is critical to assess your current situation, investigate career options, determine whether your current career needs to be revamped, and select a career that will be more fulfilling for you.

This article will show when to change careers, and how Xetron, which is a manpower outsource company, can assist you in achieving your career shift objectives.

When should you shift your career?

You're only interested in the money. Your salary cannot compensate for your dissatisfaction.

xetron solutions - salary is not everything - and cannot compensate for your dissatisfaction

Although the pay is good, the work is mindless and dreadful. You could once justify staying because of the pay, but that is no longer enough. During meetings, you find yourself staring at the second hand of the clock. You've arrived on Tuesday after a long weekend, and you're already planning your next vacation day. While you value the stability your job provides, you are beginning to feel as if you are squandering your potential. These are clear indications that someone could benefit from a change. It is critical to have enough money to live on and be content, but making a lot of money in a job that sacrifices your happiness is not worth the pay-off. Having a career where you feel like you're following your calling and bringing personal and professional fulfillment far outweighs all of that money. Material things will never compensate for hating your job, because even if you wear those gorgeous designer shoes every day, you'll still be walking to the same office every day.

You wish to pursue a different career.

Do you keep a browser tab open on a job-search website? Do you frequently read about the lives and careers of people you admire in order to divert your attention away from your own work? If you're sitting at your desk, twirling your hair around your finger, googling jobs, bookmarking interesting companies in your browser, and daydreaming about working from your bed or a friend's co-working space, it's time to quit your job and pursue a career that interests you. You spend your lunch breaks fantasising about what you'd do in "your next life" and fantasising about how you'd give your two-month notice. You cringe when people ask what you do because you wish it was something else. You've considered leaving, and you've even mentioned it to friends in passing. Would you quit your job if you had the option? If that's the case, it's time to go.

You don't feel like you're making a difference, and you've grown apathetic toward change.

xetron solutions - get a job to play a role that plays to your strengths

You may be doing an excellent job, but you lack the desire to present new ideas to your boss or initiate innovation at your workplace. Perhaps your suggestions have previously been ignored or outright rejected. Perhaps you work for a company that would rather you just do your job than suggest improvements to the product or culture. Your job responsibilities are the same every day. Every day looks and feels the same—you're just going through the motions. You feel undervalued, as if your time and talents are being squandered and your best abilities aren't being utilised. Demoralised, you've stopped actively seeking out new opportunities to contribute. It's time to find a new role that plays to your strengths, allows you to learn new skills, and allows you to make a difference. Your career should increase rather than decrease your self-esteem.


A career transition is a lifestyle redesign that frequently involves reconsidering how you want to feel at the end of the day, how you want to spend your time, and how this relates to your long-term goals. When you feel the need for change, it isn't necessarily because you want a better job or more money, but because your inner voice is telling you that you could do more, be more, experience more, and achieve more.

At Xetron, we connect you with prospective employers, but also serve as a guide, assisting you in refining your resume, marketing yourself to employers, and providing career advice. Recruiters will contact you if there is a suitable match and potential job opportunity after you submit your CV or apply for jobs on their website.



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